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Spiritual Consultant
Specializing in Love & Relationships

Spiritual Consultant and Life Coach


What to expect

As a naturally gifted intuitive, I make use of divinatory tools to focus my E.S.P. during sessions with clients. From questions about love to financial concerns, clients receive accurate and helpful information to guide them in their future choices. I make use of astrology and tarot card readings to divine the story behind your reasons for coming to my shop and forecast the elements of what is to come. You’ll receive information about the resolution of a situation as it is and possible changes to make to get what you want. I can help you in making personal decisions, such as whether to remain together or whether to take a new job.

I also assist clients in resolving issues in their present lives and past lives through chakra alignment and astral travel sessions.

Spiritual Guidance thru Astral Traveling

You’ll find assistance with all your issues. I never fail to unite the separated, bring speedy happy marriages to fruition, and help clients to overcome challenges. Find solutions for dealing with enemies, rivals, lovers’ quarrels, evil habits, stumbling blocks, and bad karma.

Do not classify me with other Psychics

There is no hope so fond or wish so great that I cannot help accomplish with my divine powers. 

Price List

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 Business Hours:

9am to 11pm Eastern Time 

7 Days a Week 

Psychic Expert

3148 SW 32nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33155, United States

Toll Free 1-877-717-4111 Eastern Time